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Band and General Music Rules
1. Avoid Talking while the teacher is talking

2. Be Ready to Learn (1. Be on time, 2. Follow all classroom directions the First time, 3. Stay on Task, Stay in your seat)

3. Use self-control (1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself, 2. Use appropriate language)

4. Eat or drink outside of the band room

Band and General Music Grading Policy
Major Assignments (40%):
1. Paper-Pencil Tests
2. Playing Tests
3. Projects
4. Concerts *Band Only
5. Rhythm Tests

Minor Assignments (60%)
1. Classwork
2. Homework
3. Rhythm Quizzes
4. Concert Reflections *Band Only
Band/General Music Late Work Policy
Classroom Late work policy:

Absences: If you are absent please check google-classroom or ask Mr. Green for any make-up work. If you are absent you have 1 day for each day that you are absent to make up the work. (example if you are absent for one day then you have one more day to turn in missing work for the class.)

Late work: Students work is considered late if the work is not turned in by the given deadline. Students should communicate with Mr. Green if they are not able to finish their work or need more time and a new turn in date can be assigned. A zero will be given for all late work until the work is completed.

Late work may be turned in up until the final day that grades are due each nine weeks with no penalty for turning in assignments late. *The goal is for students to have mastery over the assignment whether their work is late or not.

Failure to do work in class: If you fail to do work in class you will be given the following consequences.

1. Warning if not working during class
2. Silent lunch if not completed in the time range given during class.
3. After school detention, if not completed after 2 or more school days.
4. Parent Conference is not completed after one week.
BSMS 6th Grade Band Registration Form
BSMS Band/General Music Remind Codes
6th Grade Band: @e2ekfc

7th Grade Band: @4d9ff7

8th Grade Band: @6aah3b

6-8th General Music: @ButnerSte