School improvement planning provides a mechanism for identifying needs and establishing a common approach to meeting those needs at the school level. Effective school improvement planning contributes to overall school performance by:

  • Establishing an understanding of the “big picture” of a school's current state, including student achievement, school environment, teacher community, parent community, and administrative issues;

  • Reaching consensus across the school community on which needs represent the highest priorities for action based upon the potential to improve overall student and school performance; and

  • Identifying for implementation goals and strategies, including specific targets, indicators and milestones required to address the school priorities.

At BSMS, our School Improvement Team meets twice a month, generally on the first and third Mondays of the month. See the calendar for dates. If you have feedback for the School Improvement Team, please contact Ms. Curtis at (919) 575-9429 or allenl@gcs.k12.nc.us OR fill out the feedback form on this page .

BSMS School Improvement Team Members:

  • Emily Rinker, 6th Grade Teacher
  • Beth Crowe, 7th Grade Teacher
  • Apryl Holbert, 8th Grade Teacher
  • Tammie Haddock, Band Director
  • Michelle Lassiter, Exceptional Children's Teacher
  • Blake Crow, School Counselor
  • Julie Fountain, Media Coordinator
  • Lisa Mangum, Parent Representative
  • Bethany Bonnemere, Assistant Principal
  • Lauren Allen, Principal

The BSMS School Improvement Team uses a Assess-Create-Monitor Cycle to implement changes to our school and evaluate the impact they have on student learning.