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BSMS offers Math In the Mornings beginning at 7:30 am. From 7:30 am until 8:15 am students will be in the 200 Lab working on math. Students will be enrolled in Khan Academy, an online tutoring program, and will work at their own pace during that time. Students may also choose to work on any course offered in Haiku during that time.

To participate in Math In the Mornings, students must follow these guidelines:
- Enter the building as soon as they arrive on campus and report directly to the 200 Lab.
- Sign in once they enter the 200 Lab.
- Work quietly without disturbing others.
- Be respectful to the staff member supervising Math In The Mornings.
- Follow the Granville County Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy and treat computers with respect.
- If a student cannot meet these expectations, they will be asked to leave Math In The Mornings for the day and their parent will be contacted. If a student is asked to leave Math In the Mornings three times, they will not be allowed to participate and will have to wait outside each morning if they arrive before the 8:15 am drop off time. Please remember, Math In the Mornings is a privilege, not a right, and is supervised by BSMS Staff Members volunteering their time.

We will do our best to offer Math in the Mornings each day. However, there may be some mornings when a volunteer is not available and students will have to wait outside. If possible, we will notify you ahead of time so you can make other arrangements for your child’s arrival. There will be no Math in the Mornings on days when school has a delayed opening.

All students can access Khan Academy at any time, they do not have to come to Math in the Mornings to use this tool.