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Turtles are Happy!
Check out the turtles having a fun day
End of March Updates
Hello everyone! I have added some discussion questions in google classroom so people can check in with me easily that way. Let me know what you are doing to occupy your time, share a funny story, or just say hello!

I will be available to chat through this discussion thread from 2-3:30 each day.

The turtles are great and having fun in their tank. Swimming and eating like usual.
The Month of March
Please consider joining the Remind lists for the grade level of your student. I will send out weekly notices.
Also consider joining my ClassDojo site. Here I will post some activities for discussion that you may enjoy and learn.
6th Grade Keyboarding
In this class we are working to learn touch typing, which means typing without looking at the keyboard!

We will soon be working on some basic skills of word processing using MicroSoft Word.

Students can practice their typing skills at home using the website called
7th Grade CS Discoveries I
Personal Web Pages are coming along nicely! Next week we will being working on CSS styling of web pages!

All our work for this is done on website. Students can work on lessons and review material already covered from home using the site.
8th Grade CS Discoveries II
Students are on html coding to create personal web pages. We hope to work toward creating pages students can publish.
School Supplies
3 ring binder with paper and dividers
pens, pencils, highlighters
Helpful info
Remind messages are a great way to get info about assignments and upcoming class events. Please join in the quick links section.

All classes are in Google Classroom where assignments are posted and discussion questions are occasionally posted.
Tutoring or Contacting
Tutoring is available after school on Thursdays. Please let me know before the end of the day Wednesday if you plan to stay for tutoring.

To schedule a Parent/Teacher conference, call the school at 919-575-9429.

My email:
Available for phone calls: 10:30-12:00.
A 90-100
· I understand!
· Neat and complete!
· Excellent Effort!
B 80-89
· I mostly understand.
· Mostly neat and complete.
· Good effort.
C 70-79
· I understand some.
· Not all complete or neat.
· May not be my best effort.
Below 70
· I do not understand.
· I need to ask for help.
· May not be neat or complete.