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Bus Policies and Procedures

All students living in the BSMS attendance zone can ride the school bus to and from school. If you have questions about the school bus, please contact your bus driver or our assistant principal, Bethany Bonnemere at (919) 575-9429 or . Please review the information below from the Granville County Public Schools Transportation Department with your child to ensure they understand the rules for safety and student conduct on the school bus.

The first concern of the Transportation Department is to transport each student to and from school safely. Our safety record in Granville County is excellent and by working together, we can maintain that record. Riding a school bus is a privilege. All student riders are subject to the laws, rules, and regulations set by the state of North Carolina and the Granville County Board of Education and are expected to abide by them. In order to provide a safe bus ride every day, students must take their responsibility for following bus safety and proper conduct rules seriously.

Student Safety Rules Include:
  • Students must be on time at the bus stops. Buses cannot wait for students.

  • Keep your hands, head, etc. inside the bus at all times.

  • Leave the bus only with the bus driver's permission.

  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and the stop arm and crossing bar to open before getting on or off the bus.

  • Cross the road in front of the bus only. Look both ways.

  • Always enter and leave the bus by the front door except in case of emergency.

  • Wait at the proper bus stop and never enter the roadway while waiting for the bus.

  • Students may only ride their assigned bus and will be picked up and allowed to depart only at their designated bus stop unless they have written permission to do otherwise from their parents or guardians and permission from the principal.

Student Rules for Bus Behavior Include:

  • Be at the bus stop ten minutes early, stand on the side of the highway, and in no way interfere with traffic, waiting until the bus arrives to cross the road under the protection of the stop arm.

  • Wait in turn while getting on the bus, then take assigned seat, remain seated while the bus is moving, never sit in another’s lap, never refuse another student a seat, and never save or reserve seats for others.

  • Keep hands and arms inside the windows.

  • Help the driver drive safely by not distracting him or her.

  • Refrain from using cell phones in a disruptive manner on the bus.

  • Keep the bus clean and sanitary by placing trash in the proper receptacle.

  • Keep objects and feet out of the aisle and off seats. Keep book bags on your lap.

  • Use the rear emergency door during emergency evacuation only.

  • If a student needs to ride a different bus home, a note from home must be presented to the front office during homeroom with the parent/guardian’s daytime phone number so that someone in the office may call and verify that the information and permission is valid. An administrator must sign the permission slip. The student then gives the slip to his/her bus driver. If the bus the student needs to ride is a capacity, the student will be unable to ride that bus.

Students choose whether or not to follow the rules. If a student chooses to break the rules, the consequences are as follows:

  • 1st report of misconduct = verbal warning from the driver

  • 2nd report of misconduct = written notice or a phone call to the parent or guardian, from the Assistant Principal

  • 3rd report of misconduct = 3 day suspension from the bus

  • 4th report of misconduct = 5 day suspension from the bus

  • 5th report of misconduct = 10 day suspension from the bus

  • 6th report of misconduct = loss of bus privileges, including activity buses and field trips, for the remainder of the school year

The following behaviors will result in an automatic suspension from the bus and may also result in a suspension from school:
  • fighting

  • tampering with safety equipment

  • interfering with the safe operation of the bus

  • profanity or threatening remarks

  • disrespectful behavior

  • opening or leaving through the emergency door unless required by a true emergency

  • damaging the school bus.  Damaging a school bus will also result in a minimum $35.00 fine. This fine must be paid before a student is allowed to ride the bus again.

Family members and guardians are reminded that it is unlawful for non-riders, including family members or guardians to step onto a bus. Only BSMS students may be on and ride our buses. 

If a student is suspended off of the bus, it is the parents' responsibility to get their child to school. The principal must follow attendance policy and law if a child misses school.

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