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Classroom Wish List

10 months ago

Kleenex/Facial Tissues

Hand Sanitizer

Dry Erase Markers


Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

Academic Expectations and Grading Policy

over 4 years ago

Granville County Middle School Grading Policy 

 A     90 - 100  
 B     80 - 89    
 C     70 - 79    
 D     60 - 69    
 F      < 59     

In my classroom assignments will be divided in to Major Assignments (Tests, Projects) and Minor Assignments (Quizzes, Classwork, Homework, etc). The grade will be calculated with Major assignments counting 40% and Minor assignments counting 60%.  Homework will be assessed as a minor assignment.

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Classroom Procedures

over 3 years ago

We will be learning something every day! Come to class with an open mind and a willingness to TRY! Math is not easy for everyone but hard work will make us all successful! 

Supply List

over 2 years ago

Items to bring to class daily:

Completed Homework
Notebook (for notes)
Notebook Paper
Graph Paper
Calculator (optional)

Helpful Items to have:

Index Cards
Colored Pencils
Extra Pens and Pencils

Classroom Wishlist

Facial Tissues
Antibacterial Wipes
Hard Candy